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How to Cope with Recurrent Ear Infections


Whether you’re a parent whose child suffers from near-constant ear infections, or an adult who is prone to otitis media (ear infections), you’re probably growing weary of dealing with this dreaded health issue. Recurrent ear infections are quite common in kids and less common in older people; however, some adults just seem more susceptible to these painful and disorienting ailments.


Understanding the Symptoms


Typical symptoms of ear infections include: dizziness, sharp ear pain, fever, fluid in the Eustachian tubes (inside the ears), mood swings (irritability), temporary hearing loss, and general malaise. If you’re looking for ways to take better care of yourself (or your child) in order to reduce the duration and severity of ear infections, you’ll benefit from these helpful tips and tricks:


Practice Excellent Self-Care – Proper self-care is not a substitute for going to the doctor; in fact, combining excellent self-care with proper medical care is really the only way to reduce the frequency of ear infections. Building a strong relationship with a caring and licensed family doctor is a great way to set up a self-care plan that really does lessen the risk of contracting new ear infections.


Proper self-care for ear infections (and the prevention of ear infections) often begins with a turbo-charged diet that is chock-full of “nature’s antibiotics” – for example, garlic and onions are known for their cleansing, healing and antibiotic properties, so adding these “power foods” to your everyday diet will help you to build up more resistance against otitis media health issues. If you’re cooking for children, try to “hide” garlic and onions in typical kid’s fare, including spaghetti (blend garlic and onions and then add to bottled spaghetti sauce), pizza, or vegetable soup. Puree the ingredients if your child doesn’t like the texture of fresh chopped garlic and onions.


Other beneficial foods that promote better resistance against ear infections and other types of infections include oysters (these contain zinc, which is a mineral that helps the immune system to function properly) and toasted wheat germ (also contains zinc) – oysters may be eaten raw or cooked, and toasted wheat germ may be sprinkled on oatmeal or cereal to add more nutrition. Foods containing beta-carotene are also excellent infection fighters that support a healthy immune system – you can find beta-carotene in colorful vegetables, such spinach, sweet potatoes, and carrots.


Good Oral Hygiene Is Very Important – Another vital element of self-care that may help to prevent ear infections is thorough, regular oral care. The bacteria in your mouth may contribute to ear infections, so it’s important to keep this area as clean as possible. To begin a regimen that helps you to minimize plaque and kill bacteria, start using a pre-brushing rinse, such as Plax, that loosens plaque before you brush. Then, follow up by brushing with good-quality toothpaste that is known to offer long-lasting, germ-killing action (Colgate Total is one option). Finish with an alcohol-free mouthwash. Online pharmacies often feature a range of excellent oral care products, and they are so convenient; you can order from the comfort and privacy of your own home.


Flossing daily is also extremely important – if you’ve gotten lazy about flossing your teeth, you may be breeding harmful bacteria that eventually trigger otitis media. Go to the dentist regularly if you are prone to ear infections; your diligence will pay off….


Combing the right diet and oral care routine with regular medical checkups is the best way to decrease your chances of suffering from recurrent ear infections. If your child is the one who’s getting sick with these annoying and uncomfortable infections, you must be sure that he or she is seeing a family doctor on a regular basis. Make sure you or your child eat power foods that boost the immune system – then, be certain that the best oral care regimen is being followed. Frequent hand-washing and sanitizing may also reduce the risk of viral ear infections.


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